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A few months after we were married we went to a family party where I scared my great-aunt by telling her I’d worked out the difference between being married and not. I’m not sure if she was more surprised or relieved when I told her it was that we now made jam! jars of grape jelly

So having made a few batches of different types of jam here are my top tips:

  • Almost all fruits can be made into jam;
  • Yes, it really does need that amount of sugar;
  • If it won’t set add a jar of Certo for more pectin;
  • Boiling it twice is only following family tradition;
  • Having people who are willing to give you piles of fruit when they have grown too much is good if you don’t have the space to grow enough for making a sensible amount;
  • Knowing people who also make jam is great as then you can swap so you don’t end up with a cupboard full of jars of the same type of jam;
  • Homemade jam is much tastier than shop-bought.

Photo of our most recent jam adventure – grape jelly thanks to K&A for the fruit!