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Thinking more about the subject of time management and balancing tasks at work has made me realise that there are basically three different types of things that I do:

  • tasks related to managing my team (meetings, answering queries, planning etc);
  • tasks related to work I do (report writing, project work etc);
  • reading and commenting on work that other people do related to my role that I have been asked to contribute to or are likely to have an opinion on.

I try to prioritise the first group as theoretically I’m meant to spend 40% of my time line managing, and it is important that I do as much as I can to support my team. The second of these is what I get into trouble if I don’t do, as most of my objectives are of this type. So it’s the third set of tasks that I often run out of time for, and yet these are often important so that I can keep up to date with what’s happening (both internally and externally).

No answers here, just a comment on a thought! Anyone with any ideas on how to increase the amount of time I spend reading and thinking please add a comment 🙂