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I keep thinking about the balance between time and money. How much is my time worth? One calculation of that is to work it out from my salary, but is that a true reflection of my worth? Does it depend if I’m thinking about the cost of my time at work, or outside of work?

Years ago I bought a mattress and thought that it was a bargain that the shop I was buying it from would deliver it for only £25. The boyfriend I was with at that time considered this a waste of money and offered to do it himself (and I could pay him the £25). So we ended up having to fold it in half to fit it in my car, and we then carried it up the three flights of stairs to the flat I was living in then – there wasn’t a lift. I still think it would have been far easier to pay them to deliver it, but thinking back to that occasion has made me think about the different values we put on our time.

Time management is an ability that is often touted as one of the key skills needed for someone to be successful, but I think this needs to be tempered with an understanding of the value of your time and what it is actually better/cheaper/more effective to get someone else to do for you. There is only a certain amount of time in a day, so you need to spend it wisely doing the things that only you can do and that help you get where you want to be. If that means that you have no time to do things like ironing then you need to balance the cost of getting someone else to do it for you, against the time that you will save. [Personally I don’t mind ironing – It’s a fairly mindless task that means I can let my mind wander where it will. As long as I have a trashy film to watch at the same time, which is why I let it all pile up until there’s a film’s worth! It’s best if the film doesn’t have subtitles – it’s very difficult to read the screen and iron at the same time!]

One thing that I want to work on this year is being more concious about the decisions I make about how I spend my time and this underpins my new years resolutions.

So Happy New Year and here’s to 2011 – so far so good I think!