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Well, today started with a 2 and a bit hour meeting of the managers of the subject teams, where we discussed various things that are going on at the moment. Other than that I have done the following:

  • discussed workload for our Library Assistants due to changes to our Customer Services Desk and Helpdesk and due to changes in staff with the other managers in my department;
  • chased up access to new subscriptions as the financial year ends on Friday;
  • finalised timetable for visit from colleagues at another University Library tomorrow, which was then cancelled;
  • collected the things I needed for my training tomorrow;
  • liaised with the Business School rep about linking (or not) to the Harvard Business Review;
  • had a meeting with the Dean of Maths, Computing and Technology to talk about how we can work better together and the likely changes that will happen over the next few months;
  • looked at what Library provision we offer to international students and how this is likely to change in the future;
  • talked about what helpdesk support we offer to the business areas in the University and quick wins for improving it;
  • summarised how information literacy is assessed in a specific course and looked at the enquiries we received on the library helpdesk from students on that course;
  • answered queries about a special collection we are in the process of adding to stock.

So all in all another varied day!