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Well, the wedding invites have been sent out and include details of our wedding website. The main purpose of this website is to keep the wedding list updated, as I don’t agree with forcing all guests to buy us presents at the same shop – if we want a purple duvet (which we don’t) why should we force someone to buy it for us from a specific department store rather than the local market? (Which is more likely where we would buy it for ourselves!)

To create the present list I’ve used an embeded google spreadsheet and set up a second spreadsheet as a list of what people have promised to buy us, with an input form so they can add items themselves (seems to take about 10 mins for the spreadsheet to update on the site). This is relying on all our guests inputting their present when they’ve chosen it and also reading the updated list on the site to check that no-one has already agreed to buy it for us. So far of the 5 items that have been added by guests 2 are the same, so I’m not sure how well it will actually work! We shall see on the day (or after when we unwrap them all) what we end up with and how it compares with our list that we started with!

Embedding the bits from google was very straightforward (following the instructions in Google App Hacks), although did mean I had to do the site in Blogger not WordPress as WordPress strips out some html code and that includes the code needed to embed these.

The one benefit of using a shop wedding list service is that most of these services include delivery after the wedding, which may be a pain for us as we’re getting married where my parents live, going from there on honeymoon and then returning home. Fingers crossed we have arranged  for someone to drive our  car back! Hopefully full of presents!

We’ve also set up a flickr group to collate photos after the event, so is a real web2.0 wedding!