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I use del.icio.us for my bookmarks as I can access them whatever computer I’m using and with the firefox toolbar I can easily get to links without actually going to the del.icio.us homepage, so it easily fits into how I work. However, with the changes to del.icio.us recently I am getting very frustrated as you need to log in every two weeks – it can’t remember you for longer than that – and recently the contents of my tag bundles (in the toolbar – how I access links) disappears, so I can’t easily access any of my links… OK so there is a sidebar, but that’s much more fiddly. So I am thinking of changing to another social bookmarking site, but I can’t find one that has a firefox add-on which allows you to access your links, only ones that add a button to tag items directly. So I am a bit stuck and don’t knwo what to do…