Well, it’s the 29th Feb today when traditionally the lady is allowed to propose. So here’s some random thoughts I’m having today (some related to the date, but others not):

  • One of my colleagues has decided that we’re all working for free today, as we don’t get paid any more for the extra day in the year. Although you could argue that as we’re paid monthly we’re just doing slightly less well than we do in other Februarys compared to every other month.
  • I have a new phone (a SPV E610) which is quite exciting, although I haven’t yet copied all the info across from my old phone, or got it synching with either my home computer or the one at work. First impressions are good, although I’ll have to get used to it.
  • I have to work most of the day tomorrow doing training sessions for students, which will be fun, but it’s a bit of a pain to work on Saturday though! I will get Mondya off in exchange, so it’s not all bad!