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I’m going to a workshop next week to discuss the development of course independent resources, which has been the subject of a project at MPOW over the last few years. As part of this I’ve found out that there will be a discussion of a number of case-studies on integrating information literacy, and of the four case-studies I’ve heard about three are going to be based on work that I’ve done (and I should point out that I haven’t been involved in writing them or choosing the subjects).

Now I’m unsure what to make of this, as the easy assumption is that what I’m doing is having a much greater impact than that of my colleagues, but I just don’t believe that. Maybe I’m just better at making people aware of what I’m doing, or else it’s just a complete fluke. Or more likely it’s due to the people I’ve worked with, who are open to ideas, willing to use professional expertise from others and then want to get involved with organising workshops like this one!