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In my course we’ve started by looking at eportfolios (not that I’ve done very much of the reading yet), but it has made me think about CILIP’s chartership process. Currently you have to submit it as three paper copies, or two paper copies and one electronic. Personally I wouldn’t want to submit it electronically as I have some documents relating to previous jobs that I only have printed. But having the chance to use an eportfolio system (and having to submit an eportfolio as the main bit of the assessment) does mean that I get to play with it. I can see why CILIP is currently not allowing esubmissions, due to the validation system being run by volunteers etc, but it will make it more flexible in the future. However, I think I will start to use it to gether documents for my revalidation. Although that’s a very scary prospect and I won’t start until I’ve chartered!

The system that we’re using for the course has been developed in house and is very unstructured, ie it doesn’t have a folder structure, and it allows you to tag items and share them with others. I haven’t really used it much yet, or read around the theory behind them, so I think I will stop now and write more later, maybe!